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Japanese Buccal Facial Massage, natural facial lifting, youthful glow, and firming

Great for TMJ pain, Facial Contour, sagging skin, double chin, water retention, facial skin elasticity, stress relief of face and scalp, neck tension, and more. Come see the difference after just 1 session! 


Perfect for both men and women who wants to rejuvenate their skin and hair without any needles or lasers. Leave your worries aside and prepare for a full pampering treatment with our special buccal massage therapy. Enjoy an enchanting setting, warm and inviting time and explore all the amazing options available. Japanese Buccal Trigger Point Facial Massage is a place of true relaxation, and our entire team is devoted to calming your anxieties about having the perfect skin! 

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Friends and Family Specials
For a limited time, enter your email and subscribe to our friends and family deals that is sent out exclusively. Promo discounts can be applied at checkout if you received an email. 


Note: All bookings are done on the webpage or text/call call us for assistance (347)953-0652

All services will require a deposit or to be pre-paid in order to secure an appointment time. Cancellations are accepted 48 hours in advance without any fees, afterwards there is a cancellation fee of 50% of service cost. Thank you for understanding!

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